I want to read it, my brain just wants to do 17 things at the same thing.
  1. Watch booktube
    A friend introduced me to people talking about books on YouTube back in January. It's great for hearing about books but also a great distraction from actually reading those books
  2. Browse goodreads
    I have no idea.
  3. Browse an online bookstore, put a couple of books into the cart and then never checkout
    Which is a good for my wallet and for my shelf of unread books
  4. Think about what book I'm going to read next
    I'm trying to switch up my reading by reading non-fiction between fiction books.
  5. Listen to a podcast about books
    This is new thanks to @bookishclaire & her list: 📚 BEST BOOKISH PODCASTS 📚
  6. Read a 100k word fanfiction
    "I don't feel like reading tonight." Stay up way to late reading a cheesy fanfic.
  7. Write a list about books I'd like to start reading
    Suggested by @kate81