I don't know when we became these kind of people. 😬😳🏃
  1. What he was doing in the basement
    We started on FaceTime & there he was sitting in the basement looking through a book about chess (he has a strange library down there)
  2. My day
    I had a bit of a rough afternoon (research & my bachelor thesis bringing me down 🙃) so I told him about my therapy of chocolate & Netflix.
  3. Running
    Here we go.
  4. His latest run
  5. My latest series of runs
    I ran as 5k last week & am trying to figure out how to proceed
  6. His plan to run a half-marathon in August
  7. The Copenhagen marathon that was held last Sunday
  8. Running pace
  9. Football
    My brother joined for a short while & we discussed new Liverpool players, Manchester United's newest trophy & my dislike for Mourinho
  10. Running shoes
  11. Running clothes
  12. Running plans
    He encouraged me to bring my running clothes to Berlin. I'm considering it.
  13. More running 🏃🏃🏃
    & then he told me to go to bed.