😭😢 now I am going to listen to a lovely podcast & fall asleep before my brain can find more reasons to cry.
  1. This morning, half an hour after arriving at work.
    The problem we had in November/December wasn't fixed. And I had a weird 24 hours of not sleeping & eating properly because of traveling. Called my mom to talk - ended up crying a lot & she prayed for me on the phone. ❤️🙏
  2. This afternoon, while doing the dishes.
    I can't explain. Been feeling like crying all day & then suddenly I was. I guess I just have a lot of weird thoughts & feelings today.
  3. This evening
    Suddenly started sobbing & called my mom, apologizing about disturbing her & being a crybaby. Talked/cried to her & then my sister for about an hour. I might be coming down with something, I don't usually cry this much. Post-holidays life is also weird. Hopefully tomorrow will be drier.