Requested by @evak
My beloved home country. We like bathing & eating ice cream when it's snowing. My advice would be: rent a car & take the ring road around Iceland. Requested by @evak (my first requested list yay! 🎉)
  1. The Blue Lagoon
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    Of course. A geothermal spa in the middle of the lava. It's close to the airport - which is perfect for short trips or layovers - and it's a really nice experience.
  2. Downtown Reykjavík
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    The part of Reykjavík where you'll see the most people (mostly foreigners though) & there is some good shopping as well. The houses are all in different sizes & colors so it's a nice place to just walk & enjoy the city.
  3. Hallgrímskirkja
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    You can go up into the tower of this church & get a nice view over the Reykjavík area.
  4. Valdís - ice cream store
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    Icelanders really love their ice cream (ís). They make fresh ice cream every day - with & without milk - and people will queue up on a cold day to eat it.
  5. Snæfellsjökull nationalpark
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    Snæfellsjökull glacier is the one from A Journey to the Center of the Earth & the landscape around is just amazing.
  6. Any local swimming pool
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    It doesn't matter where you are in Iceland, there is always a local swimming pool with warm water & some nice hot tubs. Kids playing & old men talking politics in the hot tubs - that is the Icelandic swimming pool culture. (The one in Hofsós (pictured) is supposed to be really nice)
  7. Christmas house in Akureyri
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    Open all year round! It's pretty crazy but really fun. (Akureyri is also a nice town to stay in.)
  8. Mývatn nature baths
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    Up north. Might be less crowded than the Blue Lagoon. Really nice as well.
  9. Ásbyrgi national park
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    Supposed to have been made when Sleipnir, Odin's horse, needed a place to rest one of his 8 feet. It's pretty spectacular.
  10. Dettifoss
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    You have to drive a bit to get there but it's worth it.
  11. Jökulsárlón
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    Definitely one of the prettiest places in Iceland.
  12. Seljalandsfoss
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    A waterfall you can hike behind. You will also be able to see the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano that caused a lot of problems the other year (if isn't cloudy).
  13. Þingvellir nationalpark
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    These last 4 things are from my 'home area'. This is the place of the oldest parliament in the world. You can actually see the drift between the two tectonic plates Iceland is on & some places it looks like the earth is tearing apart.
  14. Geysir
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    An geothermal area with geysers - a must see.
  15. Gullfoss
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    'The golden waterfall'. A personal & a tourist favorite.
  16. Efstidalur - farmhotel & ice cream barn.
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    Here you can eat super good home made ice cream while watching the cows. 👌🏻