I'm going to Berlin next week to visit my friend who's there as an exchange student. What should we see/do?
  1. My only plan so far is to go to Lush
    There's no store in Copenhagen so 🙃
  2. Go to the Berlin Wall! There's SO MUCH cool artwork on it!
    Suggested by @sarahtrue
  3. Go to the Jewish Museum!
    It is so well done and impactful. And you definitely don't have to be Jewish to enjoy it—I'm not and it was a really meaningful and beautiful visit.
    Suggested by @ashlynparish
  4. The Berliner Dom is pretty spectacular!
    Suggested by @mandee75
  5. Go to the zoo!
    It's also a great city for just walking around
    Suggested by @michal
    My favorite way to explore a city. Walk in random directions and eat everything.
    Suggested by @monetizabeth
  7. The old airport that is now a huge park
    Suggested by @dangervillage
  8. go on an alternative walking tour! They'll take you all over the city and point out graffiti and famous local clubs that you would probably miss if you didn't know what to look for
    Suggested by @petrieee
  9. Rausch Schokoladenhaus Charlottenstraße 60
    Yummy. Here's what I got...
    Suggested by @igrec_O