I am bad at TV. I've started a lot of shows & then I just stop. These are the ones I am somewhat watching now.
  1. Brooklyn 99
    👌🏻🚔 B99 can partially fill the hole that Parks & Recreation has left in my heart.
  2. How To Get Away With Murder
    I can't remember why I started watching this. I enjoy it but it becomes more ridiculous every episode. I think it would be easier to get away with murder if there weren't so many of them. 👀
  3. Homeland
    I was paying for Netflix but not watching anything so I decided to start Homeland. It is very exciting & I like Damian Lewis' voice.
  4. Scrubs
    I used to watch it on TV but I've never seen it in order. It's kind of scary when you're a medical student. 😱
  5. Married at First Sight
    This is a Danish reality TV where people are matched for marriage by a team of psychologists & anthropologists. They meet at their wedding & the program follows them for the first 5 weeks of their marriage. It's glorified arranged marriage & I enjoy it a lot. (It makes me hyper aware of my singleness though, which I don't enjoy)
  6. Parks & Recreation
    I am always re-watching Parks & Recreation. ✌🏻️