Having things to look forward to makes the dull days easier to get through. 👌
  1. Reading a lot of good books
    I have started the Neapolitan novels & I also have some good books waiting on my shelf. 😊
  2. Hanging out with Rakel
    She's coming to Denmark to take a test here in May & I always love hanging out with her
  3. Weekend trip to Berlin to visit Laura
    She's doing a semester abroad & i look forward to hanging out with her in a city I've never been to.
  4. Finishing my bachelor thesis & turning it in
    Then I'll be halfway through med school! 🙌
  5. A trip to Iceland
    Seeing my nephews. Going to wedding. Seeing my family. Going to a football game. Eating ice cream. Going swimming.
  6. Going to a Coldplay concert
    I'm a simple white girl & like Coldplay
  7. Going to Amsterdam for a medicine conference
    My abstract got rejected which means I don't have to present anything - which makes for a mostly stress-free trip. The conference sounds exciting & Amsterdam is lovely (even though I am sure it will be WAY too hot)
  8. My mom & sister coming to visit me
  9. Going to another wedding
  10. Sun
  11. Using my summer clothes
  12. Being able to run a 5k
    I ran for 20 minutes without stopping the other day & it felt incredible! 💪