Writing this down helped me find a bit of calmness in the chaos of my thoughts & feelings these days. I'm feeling alright but I'll start crying here & there throughout the day ✌ (could be a bit of PMS as well)
  1. The twins
    I wish I could do something more than pray & cry. I wish I could hug & kiss them.
  2. My sister
    & her boyfriend. My sister is so strong & I wish I could be there in person to love & support her.
  3. How many times am I allowed to call my mom?
    Everyone's going through a bit of a hard time & I feel bad about calling all the time. But at the same time I know that I'm allowed to call any time. I don't feel very independent or strong these days.
  4. How little money I have this month.
    I had to pay my insurance this month so I have less than half than I usually have to spend. I'm keeping track of it to try to see what I actually spend my money on.
  5. Snow snow go away
    I don't like snow. It makes it hard to bike around & I can't really go out for runs in this weather.
  6. I hope things with my research get fixed this week.
    I'm still waiting for things to fall into place so I can get started properly.
  7. I need to finish the audiobook I am listening to before it expires.
    But I don't know what to do while I'm listening. Possible ideas are to start crocheting (next month when I have more money) or just doing some coloring.
  8. I want to know what happens on Making a Murderer but I have a hard time concentrating on the episodes
    I don't really care about these people, which is awful because they're real people.
    My brain is going everywhere with weird worried about being far away from my family & never finding someone to share my life & just general worries about the future. 😫