Come at me, bros!
  1. Christmas Is All Around Us
    Billy and his manager should just kiss already.
  2. Prime Minister Hugh Grant and Natalie
  3. Hobbit Porn Stand-In
  4. Liam Neeson and Claudia Schiffer
    I guess there is an adorable moppet in there too.
  5. Emma Thompson and Snape
    He's an asshat but the story is relatable.
  6. Colin Firth Learns Portuguese
    I go back and forth on this one. This year I am Pro.
  7. Laura Linney Has Priority Issues
    Hey, that guy who plays Karl is Brazilian! Thanks, Wikipedia!
  8. US Girls Love a British Accent
    This may be true? But I wish his friend had been right/hooked up with someone instead.
  9. Creepin' on Kiera Knightley