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thinking about how cool it is that some things (like music) can trigger such physical, lived-in memories
  1. "Come Pick Me Up" - Ryan Adams
    Summer 2010, watching the first 2 seasons of Skins. My friendship with J was getting stronger, closer. That night we sat on his back porch and accidentally talked until the sun came up.
  2. Heretic Pride - The Mountain Goats
    Fall 2011, first semester of college. First big, recognizable depression. Parking in the tiny graveled commuter lot. Feeling uncomfortable in jeans and cardigans and too-small tshirts.
  3. "Cameo Lover" & "Settle Down" - Kimbra
    Spring 2012, flowers blooming, HIST 150 that I barely got a B in, that blue & white polka dot dress.
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