thinking about how cool it is that some things (like music) can trigger such physical, lived-in memories
  1. "Come Pick Me Up" - Ryan Adams
    Summer 2010, watching the first 2 seasons of Skins. My friendship with J was getting stronger, closer. That night we sat on his back porch and accidentally talked until the sun came up.
  2. Heretic Pride - The Mountain Goats
    Fall 2011, first semester of college. First big, recognizable depression. Parking in the tiny graveled commuter lot. Feeling uncomfortable in jeans and cardigans and too-small tshirts.
  3. "Cameo Lover" & "Settle Down" - Kimbra
    Spring 2012, flowers blooming, HIST 150 that I barely got a B in, that blue & white polka dot dress.
  4. "Rambling Man" - Laura Marling
    Spring 2014, living alone in the house I grew up in. My relationship with L was really getting good. The air was still crisp, but the sun was getting warmer.
  5. 1989 - Taylor Swift
    Fall 2014, taking a shower at the Queen St apartment, going to my walking class early in the morning. L and I were trying to be friends after breakup pt. 1. I felt sick with guilt and excitement.
  6. "Habits" - Tove Lo
    Dec 2014, sweatpants and weed and bed. A perfectly pathetic breakup (pt. 2) song. Disconnected and cold and putting off copy editing work for the journal.
  7. Days Are Gone - HAIM
    Jan/Feb 2015, coffee with hazelnut creamer, getting ready for class in the cold morning, my bed with pink sheets in the middle of the room, coming out of the fog.
  8. Mamma Mia! film soundtrack
    Jul/Aug 2015, final moving-across-the-country preparations. I had already packed all my CDs, so this was the only thing I listened to for 2 weeks. Esp driving 2 hours to Logansport for C's family's annual hog roast, singing along very, very loudly with the windows down.