i'm glad you asked, @quixotic!
  1. when i tried to dodge a giant tarantula walking across the street and swerved directly into it
    i felt bad but i didn't
  2. when my mom failed to tell me i was on speaker phone while she was driving with my little sister in the car & i proceeded to tell her why i can drive on sativa but not indica
    at the end of the day, my youngest sister and i have a realer relationship now. and she knows she cannot decide how she feels about marijuana until she's 18 or i'll kick her little ass
  3. when my eardrum ruptured the night i walked in the second most important fashion show of my life !!!!!!!!
    i no longer think that girl interrupted is cool, & i will try my darndest to steer clear of cedars sinai from now on
  4. when two of my hometown boyfriends proposed to me and neither of them are good kissers
  5. when i realized that all of these things happened in the month of december
    pray 4 me