1. not getting everything i ever asked for
  2. life's inevitable tragedies leaving me relatively unscathed
  3. everything in moderation
  4. every moment i get with my parents
  5. innocence prolonged by a k-8 school
  6. the perspective gained by being a late bloomer
    "Ye shall b judged byith da way u treat the ones u ARENT tryina fuck w" - the word of the lord
  7. tumblr
  8. the progression my generation is demanding
  9. Beyoncé
  10. hard apple cider
  11. invention of the front cam
  12. 18 to play younger
  13. how small the internet makes the world
  14. perfect timing
  15. intellectual property
  16. for the moments that go undocumented, thus allowing them to remain "moments"