1. "No pantsing"
  2. "Mathew! No pantsing strangers"
  3. "You don't hate sushi"
  4. "The day he learned to walk was the worst day of my life"
  5. "holy moly"
  6. "He's a fat freak"
  7. "Mathew! Where are you going"
  8. "Where did Mathew go"
  9. (To the other mom) "aren't you glad i brought the xanax? we're gonna need it"
  10. "There are six of us so let's split three dinners. Then we don't have to worry about bringing anything back"
  11. "We can just get little appetizers and sharables you can get all that shit delivered to your room"
  12. "Yeah you know sharables"
  13. "That's what they call them at BJ's Brewery"
  14. "Applebee's always sounds good"