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  1. I will never correctly estimate the cost of shipping things on Amazon
  2. I still won't use an Instagram story at least through January
  1. The ending of the Gilmore Girls revival episodes
  2. The fact that GG used the Across the Universe version of With a Little Help From My Friends
  3. I just opened a FB link to reveal how Penn Badgley dyed his hair
    I'm sorry for this one most of all
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  1. I see your holiday markets NYC
  2. and the spike in google searches of "All I Want for Christmas"
  3. But thanksgiving hasn't happened
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I have 140 stream of conscious thoughts that can't be summed up in 140 characters
  1. First of all, no one should ever be proud to boast the title "professional troll" unless you live under a bridge and give out riddles
  2. Secondly how do you function on that much hate coursing through your veins
  3. Do you hate America??
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I'm having a blast being unemployed
  1. Does Justin write all his puns or is there an intern for them?
  2. When will they let Justin do magic on the show?
    He's a magician!!! I learned this in college. Ha.
  3. How do they transfer the final things to the event?
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  1. I helped plan my grandmothers funeral the days leading and after my 22 birthday
  2. And took a break from this app because it was too much for my mental health
  3. 😶
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  1. I turn 22 today
  2. A week ago my grandmother died
  3. 7 months ago my grandfather died
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it's on Netflix now if you weren't able to see him on tour & it's so good!!!! I've been a fan of Bo since 2009 (literally what) and I'm not sorry about it and idk if this is copyright stuff but I tried not to spoil a lot
  1. when he first gets to the piano
  2. and then goes back but it's a fake out
  3. so many of my favorite jokes in general are subtle jokes which I'd say is a good amount of Bo's segues/material
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