I'd Like To Take A Moment to Reflect on Gossip Girl

I owe a lot to TV in general but I've been sitting on this one awhile (spoilers??? yes)
  1. Just hear me out
  2. This show came out when I was in middle school
  3. I technically went to middle school with one of the actresses
    We almost shared a Spanish class together but then didn't
  4. My 8th grade history teacher was invested in it because he supported that classmate
  5. Which proved that teachers that weren't my mom could truly care about students
  6. Gossip Girl was part of The CW line-up with One Tree Hill
  7. Both of these were bonding shows with people I'm still friends with today
  8. I inherited my parents old TV in time so I could watch GG in the peace of my bedroom which was a BFD
  9. Don't even get me started on how much of a sass master & fashion influence Blair Waldorf is and was for me
  10. I like to think it's a good teaching for relationships
  11. Say what you will about their "3 words. 8 letters." scene but I don't want a Chuck/Blair relationship
    that 'ship ain't healthy
  12. Not that I was a big drug fan ever, but cocaine is v unappealing when you watch it kill someone
  13. I also never read a full book of GG
    the OG cropped selfie
  14. I read 3 pages of a chapter once in my 8th grade science class & I felt like I should shower
  15. Which shows my innocence in life & it was cool to live vicariously through these teens
  16. I think the advertising for GG is also a small inspiration for me choosing a communications major
    I still think about these ads sometimes
  17. Overall a lot of bad messages in the show but I just fell in love with not just the characters but the actors behind them
  18. And I still follow most of them in their endeavors
  19. Gossip Girl forever
    (OG inspiration for "candids" I take today)