I'm having a blast being unemployed
  1. Does Justin write all his puns or is there an intern for them?
  2. When will they let Justin do magic on the show?
    He's a magician!!! I learned this in college. Ha.
  3. How do they transfer the final things to the event?
  4. What happens to those other cupcakes of the losing baker?
  5. Does Food Network pay for the travel? How many ingredients or equipment do they provide?
  6. Are the carpenters single? Would one of them relocate to NY?
  7. Is this show even on anymore because these Netflix episodes are from 2012?
  8. Do you think there's beef between these bakers before or after an episode?
  9. How much would I pay for a movie or TV series about beefing cupcake shop bakers? Call it West Side Sugar?
    A $10 ticket please. And I already have a Netflix subscription.