1. I turn 22 today
  2. A week ago my grandmother died
  3. 7 months ago my grandfather died
  4. The past 6 months I consistently worked out & I was fitter, more toned, and loved my body
  5. I have since essentially moved home for this past month & I think I've gained 7 pounds and I don't fit in the sizes I should fit in anymore
  6. I move to NY next month but I have no job yet
  7. I hate that I can only relate to part of that cursed Taylor Swift song because I'm not going DT with a "squad" because I live in the suburbs and I wasn't even supposed to be here on my birthday
  8. I just want to feel happy today and instead the day is hazed with depressing vibes
  9. I'm mentally thankful but I can't feel it
  10. I am this emoji 😰 and have been for the last 72 hours