🎤 cleanin' out my closet
  1. what originally held all my costumes
  2. Sookie Stackhouse
    curse you women's cut t-shirts
  3. TWO National Geographic Geography Bee medals from middle school
    because America parties become Olympic parties every so often
  4. HOMEMADE owl costume
    people did guess if I was a penguin or 50 Shades of Grey tho
  5. two-fer: shirts for Pebbles Flintstone & a pineapple
  6. Masquerade mask! Beer beads! Normal Mardi Gras beads! Glow bracelets circa 2007 that might not glow tbh! Rave candy!
  7. 2 Harry Potter glasses
    back up?
  8. Like 10 vampire teeth
  9. 1 "I ❤️ NY" shirt for being a tourist
  10. 1 dope flower crown to rival any at Coachella