this year I've named it "summa 2016"
  1. 2-3 Top 40 songs that will shuffle when you drive with friends & you can all sing along
  2. 2-3 throwbacks (see current Top 40 reasoning)
  3. 2-3 songs that should have been on your playlist last year but you didn't discover till this year
  4. the 1 song you hesitate to put on, but put on anyway & thank yourself later when you're on hour 3 of a road trip & sing along to it
  5. 2 songs from your workout class
    the ones you're conditioned enough to that you start doing the work out moves when the beat starts
  6. 1-2 guilty pleasures
    new Drake? old Drake? Cabinet Battle #1 from Hamilton?
  7. 2 songs you Shazamed and think you'll like
    they might get removed. consider them the Bay Leaves of this playlist
  8. the 1 song you imagine yourself in a music video to every time you listen