HBO/Cinemax just released the first ep y'all!!
  1. I hate horror movies. I am a weakling. But the Outcast trailers looked dope
  2. and the first episode doesn't disappoint!!! why did I watch now I have to wait 3 weeks for 2!!!
  3. The first ep itself is like a movie because it's 55 min and wraps up nicely but sets up future storylines LIKE IT SHOULD
  4. The opening credits are haunting; I had to move into a more well-lit area of my apartment
  5. The first scene is graphic and gross so you know more sh*t is going to go down in this series
  6. Patrick Fugit (Kyle) is a beautiful actor in numerous ways and he's the star guys!!
  7. And ROY from The Office is in it
    David Denman but w/e
  8. the WRITING is super simple/no nonsense here aka I could actually follow along
  9. I am great at making this list
  10. Demons/possessions seem to be having a moment in entertainment but I'll allow it if it means less zombies
  11. I have a feeling I won't get sickened by the portrayal of the pastor
    Just seems like a humble dude who knows pain but also knows grace
  12. I'm hoping we get another strong female besides the sassy southern sister of Kyle
  13. I haven't been this captivated in a dramatic supernatural series since Jessica Jones last year
  14. Conclusion: everything ever should be a comic book then film.
    Also I will work on writing better reviews because this can hardly be convincing 🙌🏼