1. 99% of everything else I write are pretty dope cover letters if I do say so myself
    but only 2 of these have given me interviews
  2. But I can't shake the idea of turning in my couplet/rap for a digital and social media fellowship
  3. It's loosely inspired by Jay Z's "PSA"
  4. maybe if I base it on "Lemonade" it will be more recently relevant??
  5. PRO: will stand out; no way someone else wrote a poem right?
  6. CON: it's risky
  7. PRO: the line "phone in my hand, eyes on the trends. I had my emojis ready when Jon Snow wasn't dead"
  8. CON: I rhyme "coding" with "foreboding"
  9. PRO: clocks in way under the 500 word limit
  10. CON: banking a lot on them picking up the rhythm
  11. I need more coffee to think about this