by @tholmz ~ Ellen is basically perfect, and I believe wholeheartedly that we all have, or at least should, learn a lot from this woman. Here are just a few reasons why. Read the rest over at HelloGiggles: @TheEllenShow
  1. 1. Her dance moves
    If you've ever seen Ellen bust some moves, you've witnessed the magic. Ellen has natural soul. Her dance moves come easily and flow with any kind of music. Best of all, she has the keen ability to get anyone to dance with her. I mean, she even got President Obama to dance.
  2. 2. Her self-confidence
    This is something I say to myself often, but self-confidence is key, and Ellen definitely has it.
  3. 3. She knows the importance of music
    Ellen has a great sidekick DJ on her show called Tony Okungbowa. He plays the music for her to dance along with and always does a stellar job. Her audience can always tell how genuine she is in her interest and love for all of the different music genres. As a talk show host, she has a wide array of musical guests, from Kanye to Taylor Swift to child prodigies singing well-known songs or playing their own music. Regardless of what it is, Ellen loves it. Music makes the people come together.
  4. 4. She features talented children
    Speaking of child prodigies, Ellen has seen her fair share of extremely talented children. As I said before, sometimes they sing or play music, and sometimes they dance, and sometimes they do everything (like dear Rosie and Sophia Grace). I love children and I love that Ellen loves children, and these girls truly deserve all of the attention they have received since their first time on the air.
  5. 5. Her rad relationship
    I mean… it does not get better than Ellen’s relationship with Portia De Rossi. I read an interview with Ellen a few years ago about her reflection on her former relationship with Anne Heche. I felt so connected to Ellen’s words, and seeing her rise from such a dark place, out of a sad and lonely breakup, to find love with her beautiful wife… nothing makes me happier. Good people deserve good people, and these are good people.