by Claudia McNeilly ~ In a time when women are often made to complete against each other, Lawrence and Schumer have shown everyone how to screw the haters and raise each other up. Here are all the ways these besties gave us some major friendship goals this year, and why I am silently waiting for them to invite me. For more:
  1. They wanted to wear the same dress to the Golden Globes
    When the pair realized that are both nominated for a Golden Globe for best lead actress in a comedy, Lawrence, having already won a Golden Globe herself, announced she wanted Schumer to win: “I would love to see her sweet ass up on that stage. Selfishly, it would be good for our movie if she won, so vote for Amy!” she said, also claiming that the two were planning on wearing the same thing.
  2. They went on vacation together with old friends
    When Schumer told J-Law she was going on a boat ride in the Hamptons with all her old high school friends who work as teachers and nurses, J-Law came along for the ride. The group went jet skiing and made a human pyramid, showing everyone you’re never too good or too famous to make a few new pals and goof off. The pictures, one aptly captioned “binders of women” made us all want to drop our work, run for the nearest Hampton’s Jitney, track down J-Law and Schumer, and make new BFFs.
  3. They text each other embarrassing information
    ‘I have so many sexual and boyfriend/marriage feelings for Larry David. I feel like I’m going to be sick,’” J-Law texted Schumer after being quasi-rejected by Larry David and watching Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  4. They are writing a screenplay together, as you probably know
    Not to put too fine a point on it, but I’m picturing this movie is going to be a Bridesmaids-esque comedy but with the layers of meaning ala Silver Linings Playbook and the un-sappy romantic chops of Trainwreck, which essentially means it’s going to be the best movie ever. Watching the pair channel their friendship into meaningful work is enough to make you wonder what magical, productive venture you could be doing with your own best friend.
  5. They dance on Billy Joel’s piano together
  6. They talk each other up
    “Jennifer is a great writer,” Schumer told E!. “She doesn’t play buy the rules. She can be out there in a really cool way where you thought that you understood a scene and then she’ll just kind of turn it. She’s great.” In a Late Show interview Schumer also called J-Law “The hottest ideal version of herself.” To which J-Law replied: “She keeps writing this in our script, and her sister and I, we’re both like, you’re not ugly enough, and I’m not hot enough to pull these jokes off."
  7. They congratulate each other on their achievements
    When Schumer found out J-Law was ALSO nominated for a Golden Globe award in THE SAME CATEGORY, she congratulated her friend on her nomination—as one awesome famous person does.
  8. They can joke about it
    “The friendship is completely over,” Schumer joked to Entertainment Tonight when asked about competing against J-Law for a Golden Globe. “I just blocked her number. It’s over.”