Besides all of them! Happy birthday, HelloGiggles! 💖💖💖
  1. "My favorite thing about working for HG is working directly with teen contributors because they're amazing" - @kayleigh
  2. "1. Working with such an awesome team, 2. Working with such talented writers who are so open to share their stories. 3. Reading hilarious recaps of classic 90s moments by Erin Mallory Long and Anne T. Donahue, 4. Connecting with new writers who have incredible stories and voices to share." -Piper
  3. "1. Being around women I admire and want to emulate. 2. Interacting with the teen contributors! They're the cutest and best and the most soul-baring. 3. Creating a place on the Internet that I can truly support and want to be." -Sophie
  4. "Since I work in sales/marketing, it's super fun to pull multi-platform content and see all the hard work everyone does --from our contributors to the HG video team, to share with potential partners! Our original content is super engaging and is just the best!" -Shanna
  5. "1. Getting to work with mostly women. Hell yes to this Amazon paradise! 2. Working with people who know who I am, and are interested in what I have to say. 3. Such a lovely community! 4. Authenticity and sincerity and kindness abound" -Sulagna
  6. "Working in an office where we can freely talk about the nitty gritty, hilarity, and importance of love and sex and reproductive parts in earnest + working with people who instinctively understand the vitalness of pop culture." - Lilian Min
  7. "Working with creative, smart, funny women (okay and Shaun) who teach me how to be a better writer and editor and person every day." - @ginainterrupted
  8. Getting to work with each of you. You are so wonderful and fill my heart every day ❤️
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