by @kitsteinkellner ~ Happy National Pit Bull Awareness Day, started in 2007 by Jody Preis of Tennessee pit bull rescue and education group Bless the Bullys. In honor of these sweet and misunderstood dogs, below, just a few examples of the many, many, many times when pit bulls were literally the best. Read the full story at
  1. That time when a pit bull politely made his bed every morning
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    This sweetness got the cutie adopted!
  2. That time a pit bull became BFFs with a bunch of baby birds
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    It’s basically just Snoopy and Woodstock IRL.
  3. When this piglet became best buds with a pit bull
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    You know how we get about interspecies cuteness.
  4. This pit bull who’s afraid of a pineapple
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    We’re sure there’s a logical explanation.
  5. This pit bull who turned a mud hole into a swimming pool
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    Mud has never been so cute.