by Mollie Hawkins ~ Here’s some unconventional ideas for your own resolutions…settle in and remember: you got this. Read the full story here:
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    Be kinder to yourself this year
    What’s the fun in punishing yourself for all the weight/bad boyfriends/whatever you gained in 2015? This year focus on all the positive stuff you have going on in your life. Or just celebrate that day that your hair game was on point—because sometimes that makes all the difference. Treat yo’self to that chocolate that cost 5 bucks. But maybe only once a month, because that’s an expensive habit, you guys.
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    Put positivity out there—support the little guy!
    Believe it or not, your voice can make a huge difference. For 2015, my friend Carrie decided to start a campaign called 30 Days of Local Praise that focused on writing one positive review for a local business on Yelp once a day for a month. Think about it: how many times do you go to research local brunch spots and all you see is a wall of negative reviews, a lot of them petty and undeserved? Well, here’s your chance to show some love for your favorite businesses.
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    Give your time to other people
    Volunteer! It feels amazing to help others, and you’ll find that if you volunteer in a place you’re passionate about (like an animal shelter, because, puppies!), you will end up meeting some likeminded folks that could end up being your new best friend. Libraries are also great places to spend an hour every week in (trust us: there’s something zen about putting books in alphabetical order, not even kidding).
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    Make more time for people that make you laugh.
    And less time for the ones that don’t. Because spending tons of time surrounded by people that continuously drag you down with their negativity (let’s face it: we all have those people in our lives) isn’t healthy. There’s a point where you have to step back and spend less of your positive energy on emotional brick walls. We all have “bad friend” days but this year you should focus more on the good relationships and think about cutting out out others. Make 2016 filled with laughter.
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    Have adventures/do something you’ve never done before
    The point is—step outside your comfort zone this year, because you might be surprised at what you are capable of and the people that you might meet that will change your life for the better. Make 2016 the year of being kinder to yourself and others…because we’re all worth that love.