The HG team's fave places to get their grub on!
  1. Industrial - @Penny
    Because of the insane honey bear sculpture
  2. Lemonade - @Penny
    Because it's a hidden underground wonderland of goodness
  3. Bottega Louie - @Penny
    Because they have a cream pie as big as my head that I am going to eat on my birthday
  4. ELF in Silver Lake - @jenn
    Yum vegetarian food with a great neighborhood vibe
  5. Cafe Stella in Silver Lake - @jenn
    Make sure to sit in the back bar which feels like an old European speakeasy and isn't such a scene
  6. Gingergrass in Silver Lake - @gina
  7. Tsujita Annex - @gina
    For noodles
  8. Shik Do Rak in Northridge
    For Korean BBQ
  9. Millie's Cafe - @llnmn
  10. Salt Air in Venice - @sandra
    Great for brunch
  11. Jaipur of India -Diva
  12. Samosa House -Diva
  13. Spitz -Shanna
  14. The Bun Shop in Koreatown - @ginainterrupted
    Parking is a sad scene but so worth it. Asian fusion-y, flavorful food
  15. Heywood A Grilled Cheese Shoppe in Silver Lake - @ginainterrupted
    Get the grilled cheese with jam. Trust.
  16. Sugarfish - @sophia