For all of the hubbub around the food and drink emojis that aren’t in (sure, taco and cheese are coming soon, but where’s Bloody Mary/Mimosa and dumplings?) Enter: Emoji cocktails. Because it wasn’t enough to just drink cocktails inspired by emojis, the team behind Cachaça 51 came up with recipes for cocktails that look like the real digital deal.
  1. First up, the cocktail glass emoji. It’s simple enough to make a martini, but what about the ultimate emoji martini?
    Yellow Lily 2 1/4 oz Cachaça 51 3/4 yellow chartreuse Olive for garnish Combine ingredients into a glass and stir with ice until cocktail is chilled well. Strain into a coup. Garnish with an olive.
  2. Next up, the tropical drink emoji, perfect for the beach or those days you wish you were at the beach.
    Pearl diver 2 oz Cachaça 51 1/2 oz orange juice 1 oz passion fruit juice 1/2 oz grenadine Lime for garnish Pour grenadine to the bottom of a hurricane glass and fill with crushed ice. Combine Cachaça 51, orange juice and passion fruit juice into a shaker and shake lightly. Pour over ice. Garnish with lime wedge.
  3. And last up, that gorgeous shaved ice emoji. Ugh, why is summer almost over?
    Bitter Coat 2 oz Cachaça 51 3/4 oz lemon juice 1/2 oz simple syrup 1/2 oz Aperol Combine Cachaça 51, lemon and simple syrup in a shaker and shake lightly. Pour into glass and add crushed ice. Float Aperol on top.