We can definitely tell you what you shouldn’t buy, with this roundup of suggested not-purchases from some of our most trusted beauty product reviewers. Full article here: http://bit.ly/1ObwSiW
  1. Colorful eyeshadow
    More than anything else, when asked what they shouldn’t have spent their money on, people responded with some variation of color and eyeshadow, with the worst offender being the intersection of the two. Unless you’re working in a beauty-adjacent industry e.g. fashion or celebrity styling, or attending a lot of “themed ’80s-inspired parties” (looking at you, college folks), you won’t need that electric yellow/radioactive green/workout Spandex purple/neon pink palette.
  2. “Fancy” eyeliners
    Candy colors? Non-traditional applicators? For most people, it’s tough enough to master the “simple” pencil or liquid eyeliner, let alone get into fancy eyeliner technology and shades. Since eyeliner is literally right next to your delicate eyeballs, simpler is better, and apparently more effective too.
  3. SPF 100 sunscreen
    Real talk: Despite what you’ve been taught to believe, those sky-high SPF numbers don’t really do much more to help block out the sun. Dermatologists have pretty much debunked anything above SPF 50 as basically a marketing gimmick, one which capitalizes on peoples’ fears about sunburn, skin cancer, and aging sun rays. More importantly perhaps than your SPF is how often you reapply while out and about — after all, even SPF 50 sunscreen won’t do anything after a few hours of sweating, swimming, an
  4. Pore minimizer/primer
    Though these two products don’t do the same thing, they’re both things you put on your face before laying down a makeup foundation. While they’re ostensibly about providing a more even base for the rest of your face and both products may feel great when they go on, their efficacy when it comes to actually keeping everything in place and ship-shape is more dubious. The better focus for the things these products target might be on your diet and how much you’re sleeping.
  5. Unvetted lipstick
    Now, we’re all about lipstick here at HG. However, the market for lipsticks and other lip products is saturated to the point where you can find any shade at any budget and in any consistency, which makes the lipstick-buying process a total crapshoot. Sure, that color you’ve been eyeing looks soooo good, but will it dry your lips out?
  6. Non-waterproof products
    Do you sweat? Do you cry? Do you live in an area where it rains? These are all valid reasons for buying waterproof everything, and honestly, we’re not sure why places are making non-waterproof versions of things like eyeliner and eyeshadow.