1. "LE PENS 4 LYFE" - @evelyn
  2. "My favorite pens are the ones I take from other people and NEVER give back!!" - Diva
  3. "Muji Gel-Ink Ballpoint Pens, black, 0.38mm. The finer the point the closer to God." - @gina
  4. "Pilot Varsity (disposable fountain pens) and Pilot G-Tec (sizes .04, .03, 2.5)" -Blaire
  5. "I actually really like pencils" - Melissa
  6. "Pitt pens for drawing and inking, bic pens for writing but bic pens are actually terrible. They die in like 3 days and bleed. I need actual good pens." -Sulagna
  7. "No pens, Evernote for life!!" - @radhika
  8. "Uni-ball Vision Stick Micro Point Roller Ball Pens." - @Penny
  9. "If I could use a black Sharpie for everything, I totally would!" - @jenn
  10. "Stabilo fine .4, STYLIST, Sharpie pens, Pentel RSVP, Staedtler triplus fine liner, old school Gelly Rolls, Pentel Energel BL407" -Sophie
  11. "Give me a mechanical pencil! I make a lot of mistakes" -Elena
  12. "G2 Pilot" -Margaret
  13. "Definitely gonna have to go with Gelly Roll pens. When I was in junior high, if you weren't writing your notes with these you just weren't cool. Bonus points for the pastels on black paper combo!" -Sarah
  14. "Pilot G-2s only" - @ginainterrupted