1. The store itself is a maze that never ends, and you will probs get lost
  2. All the food is ridiculously cheap, and one of you is bound to get hungry and distracted
  3. IKEA comes in a close second to Target for buying things you absolutely do not need
  4. When those Vivan curtains you could afford were actually Sanela curtains in the wrong bin, someone is going to suffer
  5. One of you will wander into the demonstration rooms and test out beds instead of helping
  6. The line will be long. And slow. And you will get antsy. And then you will probably die together on it
  7. SOMEONE won't spring the extra .59 cents for a bag to carry everything home
  8. Important screws will totally be missing when you get home
  9. You will interpret the pictures differently because there are no words on IKEA instruction manuals
  10. Whatever you're building will end up looking nothing like it's supposed to
  11. You will witness how your partner handles high stress and it will not be pretty
  12. If you work together, the results can be immensely satisfying ☺️😃😎👌❤️