1. Felicity Jones stars as a loveable former skateboard-star who quit skateboarding after her awesome mom died
    But don't feel too sad! Her dad is awesome too!
  2. Ed Westwick stars as Ed Westwick
    and they fall in love!!!!!!! It's like gossip girl but less problematic
  3. It's on netflix
  4. There are snowboarding montages and, ultimately, female friendships
  5. Ed Westwick is cute!!!!!
  6. A fun snowboarding mentor who really looks out for our protagonist
    Famous snowboarders are probably also in it
  7. Felicity Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God she's so cool
  8. It's a classic tale of star-crossed lovers from different worlds finding eachother in the French Alps
  9. Minor class discrepancies overcome by love!!!!!!!!