1. "Suddenly I see" - KT Tunstall
    This song. Ever since I saw Devil Wears Prada it literally became my pump up song for life. In fact my first day at my job in New York I played that song while i started getting ready, no shame.
  2. "Yellow" - Coldplay
    This song always came on while I would be on my night shift at Applebees bisseling away (yes bisseling is an actual term) the second I heard this song I would envision myself on the streets of New York making my way while I shook my fists at Applebees!
  3. "Cure For Pain" - Jon Foreman
    My go to depressing song, always. It was there for me for all the fake scenarios I created in my head about a guy. It was there for me when I wanted to feel depressed for no reason. I discovered this song from a mix cd my friend made me in high school. She got me.
  4. "The First Single" - The Format
    Gosh. This song has gotten me through teenage angst all the way to high school graduation. It was such a great pick me up and the perfect representation of singing to this song on long car rides to bisbee or late night talks in a car.
  5. "On Your Porch" - The Format
    The minute the song starts with it's acoustic chords, i just break inside. I love the lyrics, they paint this beautiful story. I love this song, it's timeless.
  6. "Whoa" - Paramore
    This was the number 2 track of a mix cd my best friend made before she left to college. Its a symbol of every poor decision we made late at night at friends house during the summer of 2008. For her it was a theme song for her telling her parents divorce telling everyone she was better off without them. This song just helped let it all go.
  7. "Invisible Empire" - KT Tunstall
    I found this song while at my internship during the summer of 2014. I can listen to it on repeat for an hour straight. It's such a soft reminder to just to love the little things and everything is going to be okay even though your life isn't completely figured out and relationships are disappointing and no one could have prepared you for your early twenties.
  8. "Girl From The North Country" - Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan
    This song is everything. When I would take trips to northern California to revisit a dysfunctional relationship of mine. Him & I would get the cheapest car rental possible and just drive. We didn't know where we were headed, but this song remained on repeat. When I hear this song I see tall trees, and green hills that go on forever.