Guilty Pleasures

Although I am generally transparent about my guilty pleasures, there are a few that I have kept to myself for some time. Here you go...
  1. Country Music
    Siiiiiike! Aside from that one Shania Twain song from the late 90's, I can't stand country. I'll be more serious on the next item 😩😁
  2. Mayonnaise
    So this condiment is probably the nastiest and most delicious thing there is out there. Don't hate... You know you love a little extra mayo on your sandwich. It never gets old. And Hellman's really is the best. Fuck that other shit.
  3. Pretty Little Liars
    I love me some trash television but this show is probably the best and worst form of entertainment in my life more recently. It's a ridiculous show. It doesn't even really make sense but for some reason, I can't stop watching it and I secretly stalk all of the show's stars on Instagram. Dude. It's embarrassing. Yes... Guilty. @lolitagraffiti @StellarStef
  4. Snapchat
    Why did Snapchat have to come on the social media scene? I am a grown up... A graduate student... A wife -- However, I feel tickled by this app and use it almost every hour. Sometimes I feel like a 13 year old middle schooler as I snapchat obsessively and get super pumped when my friend snap me back. Yup, loser.
  5. Astrology
    What's your sign? UGH. I am so "that person" who wonders what astrological force is influencing your personality and life trajectory. It's so dumb, yet I check my horoscope daily and deeply believe it's all true. But when you ask me if I believe in God?!?! I'm like, "Meh, I'm an atheist. I don't believe in all that divine stuff." 😇