1. The Oxford comma
    It's the difference between going out to dinner with my parents, Santa Claus, and Fidel Castro and going out to dinner with my parents, Santa Claus and Fidel Castro.
  2. Fresh bagels
    Real, dense, New York style. Dunkin you have crappy bagels.
  3. Public education
    I'm a public school teacher in a high need city. Also I like the idea of living in a country where everyone knows how to read.
  4. Traveling to new places
    Life's too short and the world is too big and fabulous to always go to the same place on vacation.
  5. Disney World
    Superb customer service right there. Also the magic.
  6. Museums
    Like Indiana Jones said, "it belongs in a museum!" I particularly love to see old things in a museum. (Sample: the Met's Cloisters branch)
  7. Reading the informational sign/plaque
    Why go somewhere and not learn about it?!
  8. Following (most of) the rules
    Rules/directions are there for a logical reason (usually). "Don't walk on the grass"? The baby grass needs to grow! "Don't park in the yellow zone"? Cars turning onto your road from the perpendicular street won't be able to see down your road!!
  9. Not using antibiotics as a cure-all
    Seeing as they only kill bacteria, and not every sickness is caused by bacteria... also I am actually scared of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It's happening.
  10. Vaccines
    Because, duh.