hate is a too strong feeling, but "disliking" is meh.
  1. driving to the countryside on a sunday
    and end up wasting hours on the way back stuck in traffic.
  2. chilham
    sorry, but the tearoom and pub just aren't great
  3. when it's too bright to take pictures
    yes, it is really a thing
  4. monmouth coffee
    considered the best in london but to me it's way too bitter
  5. borough market prices
    1.70 for ONE cookie
  6. london buses
    what's with the fuckery of interrupting trips and kicking passengers out?
  7. men giving me annoyed looks
    when they think i'm on the way between them and my friends they want to fuck
  8. bartenders serving me tepid white wine
    really? CHILL THAT SHIT, love.
  9. long bus rides
    spent two days with a broken back; thanks, W15 + 66
  10. simit sarayi
    waste of a breakfast, should've gone to wasabi instead
  11. long island ice tea at missoula
    way. too. sweet. yuck.
  12. my dad
  13. hormones
    why am i so bloated? urgh.
  14. my dad's family
    just the worst
  15. the business of dying
    ugly. ugly. ugly.
  16. bibimbap
    too hot to eat, you have to allow the top to cool but if you do that then the bottom burns. :(
  17. the consequences of wine
    i think i'm just not fit for drinking anymore
  18. rain every weekend
    hello england weather why do you hate me
  19. my periods
    menopause can't come soon enough
  20. haagen dazs strawberry cheesecake
    i thought they could do no wrong. it turns out that yes, they can.
  21. people trying to be nice to me
    if you don't *have* to nor want to, then please don't. just disappear into the ether.
  22. coxinha at the brazilian cafe em tottenham court
    it looks like polenta inside. this is wrong.
  23. the scottish accents in outlander
    i'm usually pretty good at scots speak but most of the actors in this series speak unintelligibly
  24. pressure
    i don't work well under it. stop.
  25. brie, asparagus and sunblushed tomato tart
    at the fox and goose. it tasted of nothing listed in its description.
  26. bitch at the pub mocking me for eating my burger with my hands
    i hope you choke on your salad.
  27. home bargains stopped selling flapjacks
  28. feeling pain and anxiety again.
  29. cycling events in central london
    disrupting traffic when no one really cares.