Decor trends I dislike/am tired of

nothing personal and i'm even guilty of having a few of these myself.
  1. chevron rugs
  2. wall stickers
  3. family fotos on the wall as art
  4. pallet furniture
  5. shiny velvet soft furnishings
  6. cheesy motivational phrases/typography art
  7. beige everywhere
  8. words sculptures as decor "relax", "love", "bathe"
  9. black furniture
  10. concrete floors
  11. animal heads/fauxidermy
  12. hipster industrial vibe
  13. cheap fake flowers
  14. kinfolk style decor
  15. carpet (anywhere)
  16. leather sofas (always too hot/cold)
  17. rooms that look like a NEXT HOME shop
  18. shabby chic
  19. feature walls (paint or wallpaper)
  20. anything with diamanté
  21. bare lightbulbs
  22. chalkboard walls