I know @sarahramos is only requesting this as a joke but I'm at the airport waiting for my flight so gonna take it seriously.
  1. Pitchfork
    This one is so cliché and obvious but no other music site I can think of consistently reviews 5 albums a day across all genres of music. I do wish they'd review more Top 40 stuff. Their continued "us vs. them" mentality with major label stuff feels a little 90s. There's just as much garbage indie music out there if not more.
  2. The Dissolve
    One of my new favorites from the people that bring you Pitchfork. Unlike them though, these guys put as much thought into reviewing "The Avengers" as they do the latest Dardenne brothers movie and they often surprise me. I also love how they spend a whole week doing pieces about one classic movie.
  3. Aquarium Drunkard
    These guys only like music that feels like it could have been recorded between 1960-1979 but they always find the best shit. They post mixes of obscure stuff that can only be found on 45s and vinyl and do in-depth interviews with current artists that fit with their aesthetic. They don't update as frequently so you can get away with checking them once a week, which I also like.
  4. Gorilla vs. Bear
    Kind of hit or miss for me but sometimes they really nail it and I'll discover a new song or band that I'm obsessed with. They also do mixes but their sound is very specific, like what people in the 80s imagined music in the future would sound like.
  5. Vulture
    Best website for pop culture stuff I know of right now but open to suggestions.
  6. Gawker
    Can't help myself. A lot of it is garbage but some of it is genius, like the Internet in general.
  7. PornHub
    Just being honest...
  8. The Huffington Post
    Like Fox News but for people who like Obama. Their headlines are often hilariously misleading.
  9. The Onion
    Been reading this since high school. Still makes me laugh. Their video stuff is also amazing, like "Porkin' Across America!" At least I think that was them...
  10. The Playlist
    Their reviews are laughably bad and they're total indie fanboys but they update frequently and compile multiple industry news sources into one feed.
  11. HitFix
    Alan Sepinwall wrote the best "Sopranos" episode recaps of all time and I read his "Mad Men" recaps religiously. Not sure his "GoT" coverage is good enough for me to keep reading but thought I'd throw him on here anyway.
  12. Deadline Hollywood
  13. MacRumors
    Pretty self-explanatory but you really should check this if you're thinking of buying a new Apple product because they'll tell you if it's about to get an update.
  14. NoFilmSchool
    Great resource for low-budget filmmakers or people interested in film technology. They're always posting about the latest drones or telling you how to build a handheld rig for 20 bucks at Home Depot.
  15. The Fox Is Black
    This was one of my favorite design blogs for a while but he stopped updating regularly and it makes me sad. I think he got a big job at Disney so good for him.
  16. Eater
    If you know of a better food blog please let me know. Up to the minute news about restaurant openings and a running list of the best new restaurants in town. Of all the websites I read, this one probably impacts my life the most.