My Celebrity Crushes of Every Age Range

I'm on a 12 hour road trip. Sue me.
  1. 20s - Jack Whitehall
    People have said he looks like my ex-boyfriend, but I really don't see it. Or maybe I don't wanna see it. I'll let you know in a couple months.
  2. 30s - Eddie Redmayne
    *waits for him to star in an indie comedy with Aubrey Plaza*
  3. 40s - Seth Meyers
    Be still, my 11 year old heart.
  4. 50s - Stephen Colbert
    Actual adorable human being.
  5. 60s - Dana Carvey
    *wants to hug the shit out of him*
  6. 70s - Paul McCartney
    Another adorable human being.