Sometimes when Stoney, golden lines are bestowed upon my imagination, and I bring them to you. I kept track of these in my inotes forever and now I finally have an app for them.
  1. Make a movie showing the parallel similarities between when a human grows up and a puppy grows up and moved out of their houses key words: expectations and social norms (find you a human honey)
  2. The tower of heaven story explains the language difference bc couldn't ever learn keywords: animals and humans language remember the snake that talked to eve he talked to her and then he made us speak dif languages
  3. Make a rap song salad themed. Include croutons (gotta geot my crew tons bitch) and leaves/lettus (money) toss my salad
  4. Dinosaurs. Meteor. Humans. Revelations. Black hold sun. Cycles.
  5. Really just wanna be a cute housewife.
  6. Giphy
    witches are people who wanted to be off grid. they lived in the woods out of limits so they can live how they want to and not follow the governments law and the leader didn't like that so the town were full of propaganda believing the person lives out there because they're creepy and will kill you and they're ugly, but really they're just people. Or they were banished because they got in trouble and the government is talking shit about them, morphing the stories over time.
  7. Giphy
    witches are drug dealers that made miracles happen because they were selling "frog eyes" "spiders toes" depressed people smoked weed and they gave working to peasants who couldn't afford the kingdoms regulated pharmacy and couldn't tax drug dealers they had advanced medicine and kingdom didn't like it made up propaganda
  8. I'm really high so I'm sorry. But I just remembered something. Remember when we tried really hard to be able to talk to your cat? You know what I didn't think of? What if we could talk to the cat, but we kept trying in English, what if you had tried meowing at it to talk to it.
    Me and my best friend from long ago, Emily, thought we were witches for like 2 days and tried to do a spell to talk to her cat. I thought of this like a year later.
  9. I was typing a thought about gender but then forgot and could only think of the words father, son, and holy spirit
  10. The one where god created the earth in a way where it heals its self because we're like the white blood cells in the body of the earth but the earth is only a small part of the body of god
    Sabriya trying to explain one of my many theories.
  11. Remind Ashley to watch the remixed version of red riding hood again after she reads beowulf
  12. Static
    The outer planets are the gaseous planets so they are less dense than the solid inner plants so humans wouldn't be able to walk on, say, Jupiter because we were built heavy creatures to sustain our gravity and breathe air into our lungs in order to survive on Jupiter your density would have to be compatible with that of the planets and gravity and think. Jupiter is abstract. Earth is psychical. so it is very incorrect to think we could see the aliens from Jupiter.
  13. We have to communicate with Jupiter aliens with our mind.
  14. Savanah the model drinkin out ya wata bottle fountain of youth spoutin out my wisdom tooth try to fuck with it bitch I'll knock ya head loose
  15. earth is an island and space is the water we just haven't explored it yet Christopher Columbus's mind set
  16. Aliens are stealing people from the Bermuda triangle
  17. when god was locked away for 3 days he was locked insode his human body before his soul could be released and he was alive again as a spiit forever
  18. Static
    -for a really long time the window was broken and then I saw that it was just more growth and the flowers were growing everywhere and over it and the window was open it wasn't broken it reminds me of the houses me and Nathaniel looked at together. It could have been us in the house that's wore out like we would have been that was broken and going nowhere but instead we chose a path of growth my point of view and ways of thinking have changed I haven't even wanted to smoke any weed
  19. It looks like I have a small obsession with witches but I swear I dont
  20. dmngurlltmesckurprtzltittys
  21. Summery of Tyler the Creators music: says something stupid then someone deal about his dad because fuck you white America. Welcome to Tyler the Creator.
  22. Song: Iridescent Shreds & Latex balloons