1. Arrive at brothers house
  2. Pop arrives to brothers house
  3. We watch Inglorious Bastards
  4. I mention that I wouldn't mind owning a pistol
  5. Younger brother and Pop break out their pistols and start telling me about them
  6. Younger brother makes reservations at steakhouse
  7. We continue pistol conversation
  8. Pop mentions he likes a gun that's easy to field strip
  9. Brother mentions his is easy to field strip
  10. Brother begins field stripping forgetting he slid the clip back in
  11. Brother shoots himself in leg
  12. I wrap my brothers through and through with a dish towel, call 911 then call to cancel dinner reservations
  13. Ambulance arrives, cops arrive, fire department arrives and my brother is a firefighter so he knows every last one of them. Embarrassing
  14. Deal with cops
  15. Go to hospital
  16. Brother gets morphine, percs, patched up and crutches
  17. We head to steakhouse