Magnets, business cards, doodles etc
  1. Just A Boy
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    I, like many, had a really crappy roommate at one time. She worked for about a week at a photo store. I think this was one of her practice magnets. I have another one that is I👏dentical.
  2. Tina Turner Impersonator
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    I found this tucked into a 1.5 million dollar Van Gogh when I worked at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I have not yet had occasion to book her...
  3. That Old Hen
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    This magnet appeared one day. Whether left by a friend or it just suddenly manifested itself onto the refrigerator I do not know. My grandma disapproved when visiting.
  4. Random Doodle
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    My default doodle. At some point it made it to the fridge...
  5. Magnet beer koozie
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    It's a magnet. It's a beer koozie. It's my roommates. It's never used.
  6. VMFA Award
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    I received this for 3 years of great service telling people not to touch paintings and to please not use flash photography. It came with a pin featuring puzzle pieces informing me that I was an important piece but everyone thinks at first inspection that it has something to do with autism awareness...