I didn't eat today (was busy launching http://ny.eater.com/2015/10/14/9517747/danny-meyer-no-tipping-restaurants, nbd) so I just went on a ravaging rampage at the corner deli
  1. Pepperoncini potato chips
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    Literally the best chip, rarely spotted in the wild. They taste like salt & vinegar chips, but spicy!
  2. Gushers loosies
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    The main reason I love this bodega, outside of the super adorable Yemeni brothers who run it, is that you can buy individual packets of Gushers fruit snacks for 25¢ each. I bought four, and ate two on the walk home.
  3. Nutella dippers
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    It was the first thing I saw when I walked in the door, so I fixated on it. Odds are good I won't actually eat this.
  4. Cherry Dr Pepper
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    I have no idea why I got this, honestly. I am a woman possessed.
  5. Fancy hand soap
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    For the bathroom, we needed more