Ok not the most secret. But still.
  1. Grilled cheese at Shake Shack: potato bun & super gooey American cheese. Bonus if you add shack sauce and pickled hot peppers
  2. Steak Diane at 21 Club: beef in flambeed cognac sauce! The oldest school.
  3. Burger at Gramercy Tavern: lunch only, limited quantities, the best
  4. Spaghetti primavera at Le Cirque: chef Sirio Macchioni invented this pasta-and-vegetables dish, ubiquitous as it now is. It's never on the menu. It's always available.
  5. Kimchi stew at Momofuku Noodle Bar: the Korean classic, full of pork and spicy fermented cabbage
  6. Prime rib hash at Keens: yeah fine, it's on the bar menu. But they'll give it to you in the dining room if you ask for it, and it's the best thing on earth