Things that are the best at what they are
  1. Pens: Pilot Razor Point
    There are many runners-up and close seconds, but these guys are the undisputed champs.
  2. Socks: COS
    I'm obsessed with socks that are really thin and sheer, like tights, but that aren't grandma-style. COS is the only place I can reliably find them.
  3. Party beer: Miller High Life
    Tastes totally good enough. Cheap enough to buy in great quantity for summer hangouts. Low ABV means you can have a lot of them without getting fucked up/surprisingly low calorie. Cool bottle design looks great in real life and in photos.
  4. Conditioner: Devachan One Condition
    This stuff is magic. I don't wear my hair curly and it's still magic. I have baby-fine hair and my husband has thick African hair and it's magic on both of us. Everyone use this shit it's amazing. Also a bottle lasts FOREVER
  5. Underwear: Hanky Panky
    They're obscenely expensive ($30/pair!!!) but unlike their obvious knockoffs at Aerie (where $30 will get you 5 pairs), the lace doesn't start totally shredding the second time you wear them. When I started my new job almost exactly a year ago I celebrated by dropping three hundo on 10 pairs of Hanky Panky lace boyshorts and they're all still going strong.
  6. Coffee adulterant: Half & half
    Nothing else is as good. You're lying to yourself if you think otherwise.