I went on a very long solo drive on a very, very long single street last week for an upcoming @racked story. Here's most of what I ate in five and a half days on the road (not pictured: one billion cans of seltzer consumed in car, and one horribly depressing dinner at a Cracker Barrel)
  1. Half chicken with white sauce, deviled eggs, green beans, and banana pudding at Miss Myra's Pit Barbecue just outside of Birmingham
  2. Deep-fried peaches (battered in funnelcake) from a cart parked in a trailer lot in Gadsden, Alabama
  3. A chicago hot dog-inspired hamburger in Chattanooga, TN
  4. A burnt-bottom sausage biscuit from an old lady at a church somewhere in central Tennessee
  5. A hot dog topped with chow-chow (the south's multi-vegetable riff on pickle relish) elsewhere in central Tennessee
  6. Chuckwagon steak (a ground beef patty that's been breaded and deep-fried) with green beans, pinto beans, and cold slaw at Sister's Cafe in Crossville, TN
    This was $4.50
  7. Also at Sister's: Apple pie
  8. Terrifyingly encouraging bananas at a Hampton Inn in Danville, Kentucky
  9. Carnitas tacos from a truck outside a flea market in northern Kentucky
  10. A bourbon at Arnold's, the oldest bar in Cincinnati
  11. Hipster food at the really-good-even-by-snobby-New-York-standards restaurant Salazar, in Cincinnati
  12. A three-way at Skyline on Ludlow in Cincinnati, the best of all the Skyline locations
  13. An egg mcmuffin from a McDonald's in a town called Mt. Healthy, Ohio
  14. Fried chicken, chili-spaghetti, and a tenderloin sandwich (all for me!) at Vint's Family Restaurant in Greenville, Ohio
  15. Hipster food at a not-very-good-by-any-standard restaurant in Detroit that I won't even name
  16. A spicy soppresata + goat cheese + honey sandwich at Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor, MI