I fucking love vegetables! But I get why people don't - they just haven't met the right vegetables. When it comes to veggies, the weirder looking, the better!!!
  1. Okra
    It's slimy and flavorful and filled with little white beads and it is the most delicious thing ever, I will eat the living shit out of you every time you're in season
  2. Bitter melon
    You gotta cook it right, but when you do the bitterness is so addictive and heavenly and medicinal and can probably cure diabetes, for real
  3. Water spinach
    The best fucking greens in the entire world!!! Find them in your local Asian supermarket or nowhere else because the rest of you are FOOLS
  4. Cauliflower
    Is there anything you can't do well, you beautiful albino broccoli???
  5. Eggplant
    I used to have a roommate who hated eggplant so I cooked it a lot and told her it was "Thai purplefruit" and she fell for it and now she loves the 🍆
  6. Cucumber
    Cucumbers are fucking awesome!!! They taste good in every form and make a chill replacement for eyeballs too 😑
  7. Corn
    If you have not eaten a perfect ear of roasted summer corn, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED ☀️🌽☀️
  8. Delicata squash
    This is totally a bougie upper class veg that I didn't meet until like 2 years ago but wow I get it, it tastes like WEALTH
  9. Daikon radish
    Daikon is beautiful and like cucumbers it can wear a million different outfits and be delicious in every single one, also they are so damn cute
  10. Seaweed
    This is the food of the future, kids!!! And lucky us because seaweed is the best omg
  11. I like other vegetables too
    But these are my favorite 😊