There are a lot of minimalists - and baby minimalists, via Marie Kondo - in my close family and friends, which I fully support and embrace! I am also a minimalist and I think this list extends beyond the minimalist lifestyle - we can all consume a little less if we try.
  1. Rule #1: NO GAG GIFTS
    This is a rule I uphold for ALL gifts. Nothing useless can stay.
  2. Rule #2: Little things > big things
  3. Give food or booze
    You might get to share!
  4. Give temporary items that bring maximum joy and/or utility
    Flowers (compostable), a thoughtful (recyclable) card, a nice organic candle or soap, etc.
  5. Give experiences
    Tickets, classes, memberships, getaways! A psychic reading! A massage! Life is about experiences!
  6. Give gift cards
    Be thoughtful, get one from somewhere they would actually go. Sidenote: I love receiving gift cards for basic necessities like groceries.
  7. Give digital items
    Kindle books, video games on Steam, media subscriptions, software
  8. If you insist on giving a tangible item, do your research and make sure it's beautiful and well-reviewed
    Minimalists tend to be super particular and love nothing more than optimization. Do not settle for less.
  9. Give things that are super useful
    Reusable shopping bags (I love Baggu), stainless steel water bottles, mason jars with lids, travel sporks, anything that promotes a less wasteful life
  10. Give solutions to their problems
    Do they own anything that's wearing down or broken? Is there something they don't yet own that could improve their life, that you swear by?
  11. Include gift receipts
    It's the thought that counts, really.
  12. Try to keep it zero-waste
    Declare a war on plastics. Wrap presents in recyclable/compostable paper and twine - no tape. Make your own cards and labels. Avoid things with excessive packaging.
  13. If you can do so inoffensively, give money
    Nobody hates money, it's really the most useful gift, and this is the norm in so many cultures so why is it weird in ours?
  14. Help them with something
    If you have a useful skill that they'd appreciate a hand with, perfect!
  15. Most importantly, spend time with the minimalist in your life
    Worth more than any tangible item, for real.