It's spelled "Tseng" and it is apparently very difficult for Americans. (List inspired by @TT!)
  1. Tessing
    This happens when people assume I've misspelled my own name and left out an entire vowel!
  2. Tee-Sang / Tee-Sing / Tee-Sung
    When people don't know what to do with that unfamiliar double consonant and decide to just pronounce that T. Like "T-shirt", I guess?
  3. Tuh-Sang / Tuh-Sing / Tuh-Sung
    Still don't know what to do with that pesky double consonant? Let's just sound it out and call it a day.
  4. Cheng
    Wrong but similar to other names that are romanized the way mine is, so not totally off in general. Also confusing.
  5. Sing
    Uncommon except in states with the pen-pin merger, i.e. the South. Easily confused with Singh, so not optimal.
  6. Sung
    I don't hear this often but I don't mind it. The irony is that it's a closer butchering of the correct pronunciation, but I prefer "Sang/Seng" because I'm more used to hearing it.
  7. Sang/Seng
    Most common English pronunciation. For most of my life, I've used this one to introduce myself, because it's the easiest match to its spelling and the easiest to explain: "the T is silent"
  8. Tzun
    Where the "tz" is pronounced like the "zz" in "pizza". This is the closest to the actual Mandarin pronunciation, but almost no non-Mandarin speakers get this on the first try and it's surprisingly hard to explain, so I'm not mad if you don't.
  9. Targaryen
    Best pronunciation 🐉👌